Banner composed of three images: a tag from the Secondhand Rose thriftique, closeup of a Guild volunteer badge, and two volunteers smiling. The banner reads "Foundation" in the top left corner and "Serving Solano County" in the bottom right corner

In the late 1950s, 256 volunteers began a successful campaign to build a hospital in our community. Today, volunteers remain an integral part of NorthBay Healthcare. NorthBay Guild volunteers donate their time and talents working in our hospitals and clinics, raising funds to enhance programs and services, offering support to our community, and giving our patients a little extra TLC. 

Our NorthBay Guild is made up of individuals with a genuine desire to make a difference. We encourage all who are willing to give of their time and talents to join the legacy of this incredible group of people. Interested in volunteering? Let’s get the process started by asking a few questions.