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Four Things That Make Us Different

When it comes to health and wellness, there's more to it than just exercise and nutrition. That's why HealthSpring uses the Four Pillars philosophy. The Four Pillars philosophy comes from global fitness leader EXOS, who's decades of innovation, science and real-life experiences have gone into designing a system that helps you reach your goals for a lifetime.


The Four Pillars:

Mindset is about our outlook toward goals and life in general. It's about using the forces that drive us — our beliefs, behaviors and attitudes — to make the changes we need to accomplish our goals and move toward a healthier version of ourselves.

Nutrition fuels our brain and body, providing the foundational support we need to hit our wellness goals. Proper nutrition is not about strict dietary limitation, or deprivation, but creating a plan that leaves us energized and making choices that improve our health.

Movement is all about learning to move our bodies more and maintaining proper alignment. Whether it's getting more steps in a day, a bike ride, a swim, or an activity as ambitious as a triathlon… we all need to start with a safe, pain-free foundation before building more on our fitness routines.

Our bodies and minds need time to repair damaged tissue and replenish our energy. Recovery is about tackling physical and emotional stress with proper sleep, relaxation techniques and recreational activities so we can bounce back faster when stress hits and avoid chronic fatigue and injuries.

These evidence-based philosophies are at the heart and soul of HealthSpring Fitness. As we help you identify areas where you need work, we serve our mission to provide an environment where everyone regardless of age, size, ability or medical condition can feel safe, supported, and in control of their health.


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