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Health & Wellness Classes

At HealthSpring Fitness we believe that education fuels change and drives action. We provide valuable content and education on how to prepare for everyday performance and activity by addressing the four pillars of performance: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. We know this education will support your life goals, increase your performance, and improve your overall health. Join Registered Dietician Laura Hitt to talk about the importance of nutrition and how you can use it to build strength, protect with fats, prevent disease and ailments, and sustain your health and progress.

Upcoming Seminars & Series:

Healthy foods and oils Nutrition Seminar | Monday, January 7, 6:00 p.m. | Free

Looking to get back on track with healthy eating? Join culinary arts-trained Registered Dietitian Laura Hitt as she breaks down the basics of healthy nutrition. Learn more about her upcoming program, Recipe for Success, and find out if this class is right for you!

A woman making a healthy salad - and being successful with her diet Recipe for Success | Feb. 5 - Mar. 12, 6:00 p.m. | Members: $99 ($16.50/Session) | Non- Members: $129 ($21.50/Session)
Need a recipe for healthy eating success? Try this six-week course, taught by culinary arts-trained Registered Dietitian, Laura Hitt. Learn how to plan a week of healthy eating, how to track what you eat can keep you accountable and on target. 


For More Information:

For more information or to register for any of these options, please visit the reception desk or call  (707)624-8080. Be sure to check the digital signs inside HealthSpring  Fitness for upcoming dates and times!