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We're With You For the Journey

EXOS Journey is an interactive guide designed to empower you to reach your goals. Included in your HealthSpring Fitness membership, Journey is a resource, supported by web and mobile app access, providing a personalized roadmap that will guide your progress in four distinct components of health and performance: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery. Journey offers:

  • Workout library: dozens of workouts and plans, with personalized recommendations in the My Movements section
  • Guided Paths: step-by-step lessons and practical tips & tricks on Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery
  • Meal builder: your personalized nutrition blueprint
  • Movement App: workout videos led by EXOS performance specialists you can access anytime, anywhere

The Four Pillars:

Mindset is about our outlook toward goals and life in general. It's about using the forces that drive us — our beliefs, behaviors and attitudes — to make the changes we need to accomplish our goals and move toward a healthier version of ourselves.

Nutrition fuels our brain and body, providing the foundational support we need to hit our wellness goals. Proper nutrition is not about strict dietary limitation, or deprivation, but creating a plan that leaves us energized and making choices that improve our health.

Movement is all about learning to move our bodies more and maintaining proper alignment. Whether it's getting more steps in a day, a bike ride, a swim, or an activity as ambitious as a triathlon… we all need to start with a safe, pain-free foundation before building more on our fitness routines.

Our bodies and minds need time to repair damaged tissue and replenish our energy. Recovery is about tackling physical and emotional stress with proper sleep, relaxation techniques and recreational activities so we can bounce back faster when stress hits and avoid chronic fatigue and injuries.

Starting the Journey Experience:

  1. First step - build your Journey Profile and complete the online assessment. Your assessment will pinpoint areas of focus and guide you to the best online and on-site tools to help you reach your goals. Be sure to take your time with the assessment and provide the answers most relevant to you.
  2. Once you complete the online assessment, you'll meet with one of our fitness coaches for a Journey Consultation which includes a physical fitness evaluation (with your choice of body fat, blood pressure or circumference measurements) and a review of the online assessment. Together with your fitness coach, you'll design a fitness plan based on the four pillar platform: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery.
    • We also offer a 30 minute information session and equipment demonstration (includes review of one piece of cardio, one push, one pull, squat) where you can learn about the programs and services available to you at HealthSpring Fitness.
    • The Journey Experience is included in your HealthSpring Fitness membership. There is no extra cost.  Set aside a few minutes and take advantage of the Journey Experience and get the most out of the resources available to you through your HealthSpring Fitness membership!


Please feel free to call us at (707) 624-8080 and ask for Wellness Program Coordinator, Gina Pickett, or email her at for questions or to start your journey today.