Close-up view of a NorthBay Healthcare logo inside our Administration Center. This is the billing information page.

It is important to us that you understand your healthcare bills. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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Admission & Registration
Our admitting representatives will ask for information to register you at the hospital.  The first four items on the list below are "musts" for everyone. The remaining items may be necessary, depending on your individual situation.

  • Social security number
  • Insurance card
  • Photo identification, such as a driver's license or state photo ID
  • Cash, check, or major credit card to pay for services not covered by insurance
  • Your employer's (or spouse's employer's) name, address, and phone number--if you receive health insurance through that employer
  • Health Plan Referral Authorization--if required by your health insurance carrier
  • Medicare card, plus the date of your spouse's retirement if that applies to you

Hospital Bills
Patient Financial Services:

Your hospital bill will include charges for tests and services provided by the hospital staff (facility fee). These charges do not include fees charged by the physicians who care for you (physician's fees). The physicians' charges are billed separately.

Hospital Payments
Send payments to the following address:

     NorthBay Healthcare
     Patient Financial Services Department
     4500 Business Center Drive
     Fairfield, CA 94534

Payments can also be made over the phone or at either hospital campus. The Patient Financial Services Office (Billing) is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is located at 4500 Business Center Drive in Green Valley.

Financial Counseling
If you do not have insurance or need help managing your hospital bill, we are here to help. Please contact one of our Financial Counselors for assistance in identifying programs for which you may be eligible.

(707) 646-5637

Useful forms & documents:

Center for Primary Care and NorthBay Specialty Practice Bills
Physician Billing Department: (800) 964-5104

OSHPD Hospital Chargemasters
A hospital charge description master, also known as a chargemaster or CDM, contains the prices of all services, goods, and procedures for which a separate charge exists. It is used to generate a patient’s bill. As required by the Payers’ Bill of Rights, each hospital is required to submit a copy of its chargemaster, a list of average charges for 25 common outpatient procedures and the estimated percentage change in gross revenue due to price changes each July 1.