Close-up view of a NorthBay Healthcare logo inside our Administration Center. This is the patients & visitors home page.

For Patients & Visitors

of NorthBay Healthcare

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  • Visiting

    Vector icon for Visiting page Information for our hospital visitors regarding: visiting hours, family lounges, progress updates on loved ones, privacy issues, and food options.

  • Maps & Directions

    Vector icon for Maps & Directions page Contact information and directions to our hospitals, centers for primary care, and other main facilities here.

  • Phone Numbers

    Vector icon for Phone Numbers page Complete listing of the phone numbers and directions to all of NorthBay Healthcare's services and facilities.

  • Gift Shops

    Vector icon for Gift Shops page Contact information and directions to the gift shops located in both of our hospitals.

  • Admissions

    Vector icon for Admissions page Tips and information to make your stay in our hospitals the best experience possible.

  • Billing Information

    Vector icon for Billing Information page Information to help you understand your medical bills and who to contact with your questions.

  • Insurance

    Vector icon for Insurance page Learn about the wide array of health plans accepted by NorthBay Healthcare and how to select the plan best for you.

  • MyNorthBayDoc

    Vector icon for MyNorthBayDoc page Your online connection to your NorthBay doctors, health records, lab test reports, hospital stay summaries and more.

  • Comments or Concerns

    Vector icon for Comments and Concerns page Share your thoughts regarding your care, or the care of a loved one, with us through multiple channels.

  • Patient Privacy Policy

    Vector icon for Privacy Policy pageHow medical information about you may be used, disclosed, and how you can get access to this information.