An older father hugs his daughter at her wedding. In the background Dr. Long, an oncologist at the NorthBay Cancer and Treatment Center, looks inside a microscope. The words "Hope is Here" appears in the top right corner.

We’re With You for the Journey

Cancer survivors know that a diagnosis is just a start of a journey. If you or someone you love is on that path, the NorthBay Cancer Center Team is here for you, with cutting-edge treatment, outstanding physicians, compassionate and qualified nurses to help you navigate the system, clinical trials and more.

We know it's overwhelming. You have worries and concerns. We'll take the time to answer your questions and get you focused on taking care of yourself.

We invite you to use this web site to get to know our team, our treatment philosophy and strategies and many of the patients we've helped through their journey. At the NorthBay Cancer Center, you're not alone.