A stylized image of a heart with a heartbeat line overlaid on top of it. The title of this service 'The Heart and Vascular Center' appears in the top left corner. The text 'Caring for the Hearts of Solano' appears to the right of the heart.

Heart & Vascular Center

The NorthBay Medical Center is shown in the background. A large, round blue Chest Pain Center with PCI accredidation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers logo appears over the background. The NorthBay Heart and Vascular Center is the only comprehensive center for advanced heart and A cropped image of NorthBay Heart and Vascular Center surgeons prepping for surgery.vascular services in Solano County. NorthBay Medical Center operates Solano's first accredited Chest Pain (Heart Attack) Center, as well as providing PCI (balloon angiography) and heart surgery. The surgical program offers the latest techniques in a state-of-the-art operating suite, including off-pump coronary artery bypass, valve repair and valve replacement surgery. Our physicians are trained in minimally invasive techniques used to treat vascular disease (blocked blood vessels) preventing the need for open surgery.